Dylan Cartwright / Alex Mather / Vlado Saric / Tom Jay Williams

Dylan Cartwright / Alex Mather / Vlado Saric / Tom Jay Williams

Darling Brando

Darling Brando are reclaiming pop music.

Not just another boy band, this Australian four piece combine four part vocal harmonies, organic instrumentation and songwriting that bridges Nashville ballads and Swedish powerhouse pop.

Formed as a supergroup of Australian pop talent, Darling Brando are Tom Jay Williams (singer and multi-instrumentalist, Australian Idol finalist), Alex Mather (songwriter and social influencer), Dylan Cartwright (Singer songwriter and actor) and Vlado Saric (X Factor finalist and human jukebox).

The boys launched as Darling Brando at 2018’s Music Matters conference in Singapore, where they were invited to open the All That Matters event. With a combined reach of nearly 1 million across social media, fans all around the world are ready and waiting for the band’s debut release.

Darling Brando have spent the first half of 2019 in the studio, writing and recording for their first single and EP.

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